What Is Dropshipping And How Does It Work?

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If you intend to run an e-commerce store with either little or no investment, Dropshipping can serve you pretty well.

Dropshipping refers to a business model that allows you to effectively run an online store and that too without any inventory.

In simple terms, one can say that dropshipping aids in selling the products directly to the customers from the wholesaler.

With dropshipping, you can get away with the heavy inventory requirements that are typically required to run an e-commerce store.


Simply put, dropshipping is a method of order fulfillment.

Under this, the store sells the product and passes on the sales order to a third-party supplier.

The third-party supplier then shops and delivers the order to the customer.

The process of dropshipping might sound simple.

However, you must not consider it a cakewalk.

The obstacles and drawbacks that you may face while dropshipping can make this process a bit challenging.

Hence, it is advisable to proceed only when you have a complete know-how of the industry.


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Benefits of Dropshipping

How dropshipping works ?

Dropshipping is something that can greatly benefit you if you are an e-commerce retailer.

Let’s throw some light on some of the benefits of dropshipping:

  • Dropshipping helps in lowering product costs.

  • It aids in minimizing the risks that are faced by startups.

  • It tends to lower down storage and logistic costs.

  • It is a flexible business model.

  • It provides a broad product offering.

How Does Dropshipping Work?

We expect that by now you would have completely understood the concept of dropshipping.

Now, let’s understand the steps that are involved in the process of dropshipping.

  • It starts with the store owner publishing those products that he intends to sell on his online store. It can be eBay or his personal website.
  • The customer then sees it and places the order for his desired product.
  • The order of that product is then forwarded to the supplier. The store owner pays the wholesale price for it.
  • After receiving the order, the supplier then packages and ships the desired product directly to the customer.
  • However, it is done under the store owner’s business name such that the customer isn’t aware that a third party is involved.

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The best thing about this kind of business model is that it eliminates the requirements of buying and storing bulk stock.

Hence, it eliminates the cost of warehousing.

Dropshipping also saves you from the risk of being unable to sell all of the products.

With dropshipping, all you need to do is to redirect orders to the appropriate supplier.

You don’t even need a physical business location to successfully execute dropshipping.

Final Words

To conclude, dropshipping is a process that involves shipping products for someone else.

If you want to get started with this business model, you can proceed by drawing a strategic plan along with evaluating the costs and opportunities in your area.

This will ensure success for your dropshipping model to a great extent.

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