How To Make Legally Compliant VeRO Listings

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eBay has given many sellers and their small-scale reselling business a global platform.
Using the same name and logo of certain brands might help your business boom but many brands have strict protocols regarding the usage rights of their property.
Under the VeRO eBay program, if your listing is reported by the actual owner for copyright violation, your listing will be removed. 

Today, we are going to share a set of guidelines that you need to follow to avoid landing in a copyright infringement mess. 

What Is The VeRO Program Of eBay?

eBay aims to provide a safe and fair business platform for everyone.
According to their Verified Owner’s Right (VeRO) Program, owners of intellectual property (IP) rights have the right to report a listing for the violation of their property’s usage rights.
Hence, you cannot use certain properties mentioned on the VeRO list without the prior consent of their actual owner.

How To Avoid VeRO Violations While Creating A Listing on eBay

Here is a guide on how you can avoid unintentionally violating VeRO regulations on eBay

1. Create Your Listing From Scratch 

One of the easiest ways to avoid copyright violation is to create your own listings.
This includes taking your own product pictures instead of copying them from the manufacturer’s website.
Using images taken by a third party without consent from them is an act of copyright violation.
This can get your listing removed if reported.

2. Do Not Make False Claims About The Product 

Even if you are the seller, the manufacturer of the product retains the rights to object misuse of the product. This includes:

  • Making false claims or exaggerating about the product
  • Lying about your association with the brands.
  • Selling replicas of a particular brand’s product is also illegal

All of these actions might turn out to be defamatory for the brand and they can certainly sue you for that.

3. Do Not Misuse The Brand’s Properties

When you are selling a locally-made product, you cannot use a reputed brand’s name to attract customers.
Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind while mentioning the brand in the listing:

  • You cannot use a brand’s name and logo for products they didn’t manufacture
  • You cannot use trademarked photos/properties that belong to the brand

If you do any of the above-mentioned things, it will be considered a breach of eBay’s VeRO regulations.

4. Check The Property Rights Before Finalizing A Listing

To ensure that you are not breaching any regulation, check the usage rights policies of the intellectual property owners. A lot of them have a dedicated VeRO participant page for the same.
If they do not have a page yet, strive to contact them directly. Get their consent beforehand.
This is the only safe way to use someone’s trademarked property legally.

Final Thoughts

There is no point in crafting a listing if a risk of breaching regulations tags along.
Repeated violations can also get your account suspended which will disrupt your entire business.
Quick research to find the brands on eBay’s VeRO list and their policies will save you from unnecessary hassle in the future.