How To List Your Products On eBay

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As one of the leading eCommerce platforms today and with more than half of the world enveloped in digitization, a number of products are available on eBay.
A wide range of products catering to various aspects of our lives is listed which paves the way for an immense amount of opportunity for dropshippers and a prospect for cutthroat competition.
In such a situation, learning the art of listing the products correctly on eBay is an absolute necessity.

Listing Products On eBay

Listing on products

Listing your products is the initial and probably the most important step when creating an impression on your clients. Also, don’t forget to optimize the product titles and descriptions via a title builder.
So a lot of background research and thought must go into constructing this list.

Step 1: Putting It Out There

When you start uploading the details about your product, select impactful pictures and write crisp product descriptions that immediately seal an impression over the client.
You should focus on the unique qualities of the product when talking about them in the description section.
The description should also give a clear picture of the condition of the product. Also, mention the brands associated with the products.

Step 2: Mentioning The Price 

The price has to be very carefully chosen. It should both represent the value of the product and should not burn a huge hole in the clients’ pockets as well.
You might consider pricing the product at a discounted rate to attract customers.
However, sometimes too low a price will make the clients question the product. Decide on selecting either an auction or a fixed price format and then place a price on your product.

Step 3: Shipping Procedure And Detailing

Without an assurance that the product is going to reach them, no customer is going to buy the product.
So, you must mention the shipment method and the date by which they can expect to receive their product.
You must also mention the return policy and how the various payment methods (since digitization has introduced myriad ways for paying in today’s world) can be used to pay for the purchased products.

The return policy should clearly describe the number of days within which the products can be returned to the source.
They should also describe the rules and regulations when it comes to the maintenance of a product before it is returned.

Here are some eBay listing tools that can seal the deal for you:

  1. Quick Listing Tool
  2. Business Tool
  3. New Listing Tool
  4. Scan To List Tool
  5. Seller Hub

Final Thoughts

Before you proceed with the listing process, make sure you go over the rules and regulations surrounding sellers and the terms and conditions of the policies pertaining to prohibited and restricted items.
One must also learn about the dos and don’ts surrounding the process of listing so that you don’t run the risk of losing your client or getting your account suspended.
Studying the activities of other dropshippers can also prove to be helpful.