How To Dropship Using DHgate

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DHgate is extremely simple to use and lists a variety of products at a very low rate.
Also, what makes it click with a lot of people is that there is no initial registration charge, making it the go-to platform for a lot of startups and new dropshippers.
Currently providing its service to over 230 countries, this Chinese dropshipping supplier is sure to grow even further. Here, we’ll talk about DHgate dropshipping and how you can use it viably.

Getting Started With DHgate

Starting with DHgate is very easy. Similar to how you register in an application to unlock its features, you register an account as a seller with DHgate and browse through its listed products.
You then select the products you want to sell and list the same on your eBay seller’s account.
You then wait for buyers to purchase the product you’ve listed.
The buyers can avail of several payment options.
They can pay via credit or debit cards, cash on delivery, and can make use of DHpay as well.
DHpay is the most secure way of carrying out transactions on DHgate since the money gets transferred from the buyer to the seller only when the product has reached its destination.

A Guide For Using DHgate

Here are a few important hurdles you need to cross to effectively deal with DHgate:

Tracking A Shipment On DHgate

When an order is placed by a buyer, it’s your responsibility as a dropshipper to see that the product reaches its destination.
You log in to your account and click on the “Active Orders” tab. You then select the “Shipped” and “Track Items” options respectively.
Now you track the product that is currently on its way by selecting the “Action” and the “Track Item” options one after the other.
For other shipment-related doubts, you can go to the FAQ section of DHgate dropshipping supplier.

Canceling A Shipment

For various reasons such as delay in response on the supplier’s end or the product going out of stock at the last moment, you might have to cancel an order as well.
To cancel a shipment, log on to your DHgate account and go to “My Account.”
Select the “Awaiting shipment” option under the “Active orders” tab.
Browse through your orders and select the one you aim to cancel and click on the “Request refund” option.
After this, you will be directed to a page where you will be asked to select the reason for your refund.
You then contact your supplier and settle the matter pertaining to the shipment.

Getting DHgate Mediation For Settling A Dispute

A dispute brews when a supplier refuses to refund the money. In such a case, you simply log in to your account and go to “My DHgate”.
Under the active orders column, select the “Refund and dispute” option.
You then click on “View return and refund” and select the product that requires a settlement.
Next, select the reason for the dispute under the “Request DHgate mediation” tab.

Final Thoughts

Having discussed the nitty-gritty of dropshipping using DHgate, you’re all set to scale your dropshipping business.
Just take note of the above points and the rest will fall in place.