Dropshipping From Amazon

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Amazon is one of the leading eCommerce platforms today.
The reason for the rise in its popularity has been the vast number of product niches it covers, incorporating brands from all across the globe.
The easy to set up a domain for buyers and the speedy service provided to the customer has also been a major contributing factor towards its popularity.
Another factor skyrocketing its growth has been the extension of its market to all the major parts of the world, including those countries where getting everyday necessities at a low rate is a big boon. 

How Does Dropshipping Work In Amazon

How Does Dropshipping Work In Amazon

With its user-friendly interface, starting a dropshipping account with Amazon is easy.

  • You can begin by going through the policy guidelines on Amazon.
    After getting a comprehensive grip over it, you can simply set up a seller’s account.
    You then collaborate with various manufacturers representing myriad product niches.
    Following this, you start listing the products that you find potential in with impactful product descriptions and shipment options attached to them.
    You can also optimize the title and product description with the title builder tool.
  • When everything is set, you can start to dropship on the Fulfilled by Amazon Program.
    This program enables you to ship your products from Amazon and Amazon will subsequently transport your inventory and ship it directly to your customer.
    The pace at which Amazon ships your products is extremely fast and hence it is preferred by the majority of the customers.

Here are certain things that you should remember when you dropship on Amazon.

  • You must comply with all the terms and conditions of the seller agreement. A breach of this may lead to the suspension of your account.
  • The dropshipper must represent himself as the seller on all purchasing slips and official documents.
  • You have to take responsibility for all returns and processing processes invoked by customers.

Here are the things you should avoid as a dropshipper on Amazon:

  • Do not ship orders with some other retailer’s details mentioned in the invoice.
  • Do not purchase products from some other retailer and allow that retailer to provide a direct shipment to the customer.

Benefits of Dropshipping With Amazon

Dropshipping with Amazon has a number of benefits.

1.Absence of a Warehouse Cost: 

Registered dropshippers don’t have to bear any warehouse maintenance costs.
By availing of the Fulfilled by Amazon Program, they can directly ship their products to the customers with Amazon acting as the intermediary.

2. An Inbuilt Database of Suppliers: 

Amazon has connections with suppliers from Europe which means that it holds supplies for dropshippers that can be used to ship them to potential clients.
This benefits small businesses tremendously.

3. Large Client Base: 

Amazon has a huge database of customers with over 300 million active users.
This means that it already has a highly rewarding market ready for dropshippers and small businesses that are willing to put in the required work.

Final Thoughts

Amazon is a household name today and clients belonging to all age groups are associated with it which makes it a highly lucrative market for small startups and newbie dropshippers.